We have various types of room for 1 person, a couple, a family and a group:
Mixed Dormitory, Women Only Dormitory, and Private Rooms for maximum 4 and maximum 6 persons.
You can also rent a Special Town House just for yourself!


You can book at the Lowest Price on year-round average through Our Official Reservation website.
(prices lower than other booking websites from JPY300 up to JPY2,400)

*prices may change by season


  • Maximum 20 persons
  • JPY 1,700 / a bed
  • Style : Bunk Bed
  • Bed Size : W 900 × L 1950
  • Better for Backpacker, Friends, Group, Couple
  • including tax


  • Maximum 8 persons
  • JPY 1,700 / a bed
  • Style : Bunk Bed
  • Bed Size : W 900 × L 1800
  • Better for Backpacker, Friends, Group, Couple
  • including tax


  • Maximum 4 persons
  • JPY 6,800 / a room
  • Style : Bunk Bed
  • Bed Size : W 900 × L 1950
  • Better for Family, Friends, Couple, Group
  • including tax


  • Maximum 6 persons
  • JPY 10,200 / a room
  • Style : Bunk Bed
  • Bed Size : W 900 × L 1950
  • Better for Family, Friends, Couple, Group
  • including tax


  • Maximum 4 persons
  • JPY 6,800 / a room
  • Style : Maisonette
  • Bed Size : W 1600 × L 2000
  • Better for Family, Friends, Couple, Group
  • including tax


  • Maximum 8 persons
  • JPY 21,600 / a town house
  • Style : Town House Private Room
  • Bed Size : W 900 × L 1950 Japanese "Futon" style
  • Better for Family, Friends, Couple, Group
  • including tax
  • Room Amenities

    We have Air Conditioning and Humidifiers at the every room then Electric Under-Sheets on the each bed (winter only).

  • Amenity

    Bath towel / toothbrush / earplug / rinse in shampoo & body soap (Installed in each shower room)


  • Q. What is Dormitory?

    Dormitory is a room where guests share with other guests to stay in.
    If you wish to be in a different room with other guests, then please choose our Private Room.

  • Q. What is the nearest station from your Hostel?
    And how can I get to your Hostel from there?

    The nearest stations are Kintetsu Nara Station and JR Nara Station.
    It is a 20 to 30-min. walk to our Hostel from the stations, but you can enjoy sightseeing through Nara Park area.
    You can also use the City Loop Bus. It will take about 5 to 10 min. and the fare is 210 yen. If you take a taxi, it takes about 5 to 10 min. and the fare is around 1,000 yen.
    *The amounts of time given is only approximate. They will vary depending on the traffic conditions.

  • Q. Do you have any parking lots?

    Yes, we do.
    However, the number of parking lots are limited and prior reservation is required.
    In case of full parking, we will introduce you to payed parking lots near our Hostel.

  • Q. Where are the bathroom, shower room and restroom?

    Please use the shared shower rooms and restrooms just in front of your room.
    For the Guests who are staying at our Town House, the bathroom is right next to their room.

  • Q. Do the rooms come with bath amenities such as shampoo and a hair dryer?

    Yes, they are.
    Our shower rooms have two-in-one shampoo & conditioner and body soap, and hair dryers are at the sink.
    We provide amenities, such as a bath towel and a toothbrush, for free at the time of check in.
    If you need any additional amenities, please feel free to buy them at our Front Desk by 11pm.

  • Q. When can we use the hair dryer, shower or bath?

    You can use them from 5pm to 12am.
    We kindly ask you not to use them late at night.

  • Q. Until what time do you accept reservations at your Hostel?

    We accept reservations until 9pm.
    Our Check In Time is until 11pm. We cannot accept any Check In later than 11pm.
    *In that case, it will be considered a No Show and the person has to pay 100% of the cancellation fee.

  • Q. How much is the cancellation fee?

    Please refer to the following (Count back from your lodging day):
    2 days before 0%
    1 day before 50%
    The day 100%

  • Q. Do you provide breakfast?

    Yes. Our breakfast is 1,000 yen per person.
    You have to make a reservation for it by 10pm a day before the day of your breakfast.
    You can still have breakfast without a reservation if you find that the Restaurant is open.

  • Q. Do you provide dinner?

    Yes. We also have a Restaurant.
    Our Restaurant’s concept is “International Japanese”. Please savor our new style dishes of Japanese with international flavor.
    We can also introduce other restaurants in our neighborhood so please feel free to ask us.
    We have a Bar, so customers who only want to drink alcoholic beverages are also welcome.

  • Q. Do you provide lunch?

    We have a Restaurant, so you can have lunch even after your Check Out.
    You can also enjoy lunch at our Restaurant before Check In which starts from 3pm. We also have a Café for you to enjoy.

  • Q. Are there a convenience store or a supermarket nearby?

    It takes about 15 to 20 min. on foot to the nearest convenience store.
    There are supermarkets near Kintetsu and JR Nara Station.
    We recommend you to finish your shopping before you arrive at our Hostel.
    *There is a vending machine in front of our Hostel.

  • Q. Can I leave my luggage at the Hostel after my Check Out?

    Yes. We can keep it at our luggage space until 3pm.

  • Q. Can I ask the Front Desk to keep my valuables such as a computer?

    We cannot keep your valuables or anything fragile at our Front Desk.
    Please keep them safe to yourself.
    Also, please understand that we cannot keep them after your Check In.

  • Q. Do you have a charger or converter that I can use for my computer or cell phone?

    Sorry, we do not, so please bring them with you.

  • Q. Can I use a refrigerator, a toaster, a microwave oven, or a kitchen?

    We have a shared refrigerator you can use at our Lobby.
    We do not have a kitchen for our Guests to use.
    We also do not have a toaster, but please feel free to use the shared microwave oven in our Guest Space.

  • Q. I forgot my number to open the locker in my room and I cannot open it.

    Our staff can open the locker for you with the master key between 10am to 11pm.
    We are not in service other than those hours, so please be very careful not to forget your locker number.
    Also, please understand that we may ask you to pay for the service fee to open the locker or for a repair in cases such as a damage caused by our Guest.

  • Q. Do you have a business center where I can make copies or us a fax machine?

    We do not have a business center, but we can provide the following services:
    Making copies of paper ・・・10 yen/paper
    Using Fax Machine ・・・ 100 yen/message
    We cannot accept any printouts from a computer or any other devices for the security reasons.

  • Q. Can I borrow an additional pillow or blanket?

    We are sorry, but we do not provide any additional pillow or blanket.
    We provide a set of bed equipment according to the season, but if you are still worried about it, it may be better for you to bring things with you.

  • Q. What is the best way to get to Kansai International Airport?

    The easiest way to the airport is to take the Limousine Bus which stops at Nara Hotel Bus Stop.
    The bus stop is a 5 min.-walk from our Hostel.
    *Please find out the Limousine Bus time schedule and book your seat by yourself.

  • Q. Do you have rent-a-cycle service?

    No, we do not, but we can introduce you to places to rent a bicycle nearby.
    Please ask at the Front Desk.

  • Q. Do you have any tours?

    No, we do not.
    We can provide information, such as seasonal events, so please feel free to ask at the Front Desk.
    *In order to avoid troubles, we do not make reservations for our Guests.

  • Q. Can you call a taxi for me?

    We cannot book a taxi for you, but we can provide you the phone numbers of taxi companies nearby.



Article 1 (Scope of Application)

Contracts for Accommodation and related agreements to be entered into between this Hostel and the Guest to be accommodated shall be subject to these General Conditions.

Article 2 (Application for Accommodation Contracts)

  • A Guest who intends to make an application for an Accommodation with the Hostel shall notify the Hostel following particulars:

    • Name of the Guest(s)

    • Date of accommodation

    • Accommodation charges (based, in principle, on the Basic Accommodation Charges listed in the Attached Table No.1.)

      • Name of offerer and contact address.

      • Name of payer and contact address.

    • Other particulars deemed necessary by the Hostel.

  • In the case when the Guest requests, during their stay, extension of the accommodation beyond the date in subparagraph (A) of the preceding Paragraph, it shall be regarded as an application for a new Accommodation Contract at the time such request is made.

Article 3 (Conclusion of Accommodation Contracts, etc.)

  • A contract for accommodation shall be deemed to have been concluded when the Hostel has duly accepted the application as stipulated in the preceding article.

  • When a Contract for Accommodation has been concluded in accordance with the provisions of the preceding Paragraph, the Guest is requested to pay an accommodation deposit fixed by the Hostel within the limits of Basic Accommodation charges covering the Guest’s entire period of stay by the date specified by the Hostel.

  • The deposit shall be first used for the Total Accommodation Charges to be paid by the Guest, then secondly for the Cancellation charges under Article 6 and thirdly for the reparations under Article 18 as applicable, and the remainder, if any, shall be refunded at the time of the payment of the Accommodation Charges as stated in Article 12.

  • When the Guest has failed to pay the deposit by the date as stipulated in Paragraph 2, the Hostel shall treat the Accommodation Contract as invalid.

Article 4 (Special Contracts Requiring No Accommodation Deposit)

  • Not withstanding the provisions of Paragraph 2 of the preceding Article, the Hostel may enter into a special contract requiring no accommodation deposit after the Contract has been concluded as stipulated in the same Paragraph.

  • In the case when the Hostel has not requested the payment of the deposit as stipulated in Paragraph 2 of the preceding Article and /or has not specified the date of the payment of the deposit at the time the application for an Accommodation Contract has been accepted, it shall be treated as that the Hostel has accepted a special contract prescribed in the preceding Paragraph.

Article 5 (Refusal of Accommodation Contracts)

The Hostel may not accept the conclusion of an Accommodation Contract under these following cases:

  • When the Hostel is fully booked and no room is available.

  • When the Guest seeking accommodation is deemed liable to conduct themselves in a manner there will contravene the law or act against the public order or good morals in regard to their accommodation.

  • When the Guest is deemed to be a member of organized crime group, a group or person affiliated to an organized crime group, or other antisocial party.

  • When the Guest is deemed to be a member of organized crime group, a group or person affiliated to an organized crime group, or other antisocial party.

  • When the Guest speaks or behaves in a manner which greatly annoys and troubles other Guests.

  • When the Guest engages in violence, threats, extortion, or coercive improper demands against the Hostel or its employees, or makes demands that place unreasonable burdens on them, or is known to have previously engaged in said behavior.

  • When the Hostel is requested to assume an unreasonable burden in regard to their accommodation.

  • When the Hostel is unable to provide accommodation due to natural calamities, disfunction of the facilities and/or other unavoidable causes.

  • When the Guest seeking accommodation can be clearly detected as carrying an infectious disease.

  • When the provisions of prefectural and city government ordinance concerning the enforcement of the Hostel Business Law is applicable.

  • In all other cases equivalent to any of the acts set forth in the preceding items.

Article 6 (Right to Cancel Accommodation Contracts by the Guest)

  • The Guest entitled to cancel the Accommodation Contract by notifying the Hostel.

  • In the case when the Guest has cancelled the Accommodation Contract in whole or in part due to causes for which the Guest is liable, the Guest shall pay cancellation charges as listed in the Attached Table No.2.

  • In the case when the Guest does not appear by 11 p.m. of the accommodation date, the Hostel may regard the Accommodation Contract as being cancelled by the Guest.

  • The Guest shall register the following particulars at the Front Desk of the Hostel on the day of the accommodation.

    • Name, age, sex, address and occupation of the Guest.

    • Nationality, passport number, port and date of entry in Japan of non-Japanese Guest.

    • Other particulars deemed necessary by the Hostel.

  • In case when the Guest intends to pay their Accommodation Charges prescribed in Article 12 by any means other than Japanese currency, such as coupons or credit cards, these credentials shall be shown in advance at the time of the registration prescribed in the preceding Paragraph.

  • Non-Japanese Guest is asked to show their passport, and its photocopy must be taken when checking in.

Article 9 (Occupancy Hours of Guest Rooms)

  • The Guest is entitled to occupy the contracted Guest Room of the Hostel as follows:

    from 3pm (Check-in time) to 11am of the next day (Check-out time)

    However, in the case when the Guest Room is accommodated continuously, the Guest may occupy it all day long, except for the days of arrival and departure.

  • The Hostel may, notwithstanding the provisions prescribed in the preceding Paragraph, permit the Guest to occupy the room beyond the time prescribed in the same Paragraph.

    In this case, extra charges shall be paid as follows:

    • Up to 1pm: 30% of the room charge

    • Up to 3pm: 50% of the room charge

    • After 3pm: 100% of the room charge

    However, the Hostel does not always permit the extension of the accommodation.

Article 10 (Observance of Use Regulations)

The Guest shall observe the Use Regulations established by the Hostel.

Article 11 (Business Hours)

  • The business hours of the main facilities, etc. of the Hostel are notified in detail by brochures provided, notices displayed in each place, service directories in guest rooms and others.

    The service hours of the Front Desk are from 11am to 11pm.

  • The business hours specified in the preceding Paragraph are subject to temporary changes due to unavoidable causes of the Hostel.

    In such a case, the Guest shall be informed by appropriate means.

Article 12 (Payment of Accommodation Charges)

  • The breakdown and method of calculation of the Accommodation Charges, etc. that the Guest shall pay is as listed in the Attached Table No. 1.

  • Accommodation Charges, etc. as stated in the preceding Paragraph shall be paid either by Japanese currency or by any means other than Japanese currency, such as coupons or credit cards recognized by the Hostel, at the Front Desk at the time of the check in or when the Hostel requests the payment.

  • Accommodation Charges shall be paid even if the Guest voluntarily does not utilize the accommodation facilities provided for them by the Hostel and at their disposal.

  • Article 13 (Liabilities of the Hostel)

    • The Hostel shall compensate the Guest for the damage if the Hostel has caused such damage to the Guest in the fulfillment of the Accommodation Contract and/or related agreements. However, the same shall not apply in case where such damage has been caused due to reasons for which the Hostel is not liable.

    • Even though the Hostel has received the “PASS MARK” (Certificate of Excellence of Fire Prevention Standard issued by the fire station), the Hostel is covered by the Hostel Liability Insurance in order to deal with unexpected fire and/or other disasters.

    Article 14 (Handling when Unable to Provide Contracted Rooms)

    When the Hostel is unable to provide contracted rooms, the Hostel shall arrange accommodation of the same standard elsewhere for the Guest insofar as practical with the consent of the Guest.

    Article 15 (Handling of Deposited Articles)

    • The Hostel shall not keep any belongings, cash or valuables of the Guest.

      The Guest shall be liable to keep their belongings, cash and valuables.

    • The Hostel shall not compensate the Guest for the damage when loss, breakage or other damage is caused.

    Article 16 (Custody of Baggage and/or Belongings of the Guest)

    • When baggage of the Guest is brought into the Hostel before their arrival, the Hostel shall be liable to keep it only in the case when such request has been accepted by the Hostel. The baggage shall be handed over to the Guest at the Front Desk at the time of their check-in.

    • When the baggage or belongings of the Guest is found left after their check-out, and the ownership of the article is confirmed, the Hostel shall inform the owner of the article left and ask for further instructions.

      When no instructions is given to the Hostel by the owner or when the ownership is not confirmed, the Hostel shall keep the article for 7 days including the day it is found, and after this period, the Hostel shall turn it over to the police station.

    Article 17 (Liability in regard to Parking)

    The Hostel shall not be liable for the custody of the vehicle of the Guest when the Guest utilizes the parking lot within the premises of the Hostel, as it shall be regarded that the Hostel simply offers the space for parking, whether the key of the vehicle has been deposited to the Hostel or not.

    Article 18 (Liability of the Guest)

    The Guest shall compensate the Hostel for the damage caused through intention or negligence on the part of the Guest.

    Article 19 (Privacy Policy)

    NARAMACHI HOSTEL & RESTAURANT recognizes importance for protection of privacy.

    In order to do so, privacy protection management system is formulated and maintained, and will be continuously improved.

    For details, please refer to “NARAMACHI HOSTEL & RESTAURANT Privacy Protection Policy”. Privacy Protection Policy booklet is available

    Attached Table No.1 The Breakdown of Accommodation Charge, etc. for Hostel (Ref. Paragraph 1 of Article 2, Paragraph 1 of Article 12)


    Total Amount to be Paid by the Guest

    Accommodation Charges

    Basic Accommodation Charge
    (Room or Bed charge)

    Extra Charges

    Meals and Drinks

    Other Expenses

    Service Charge


    Consumption Tax

    Local Tax

    Note: When tax law is revised, the new one will be applied.

    Attached Table No.2 Cancellation Charge for Hostel (Ref. Paragraph 2 of Article 6)

    Date when Cancellation of Contract is Notified

    No Show

    Same Day

    1 Day Prior to Staying

    7 Days Prior to Staying

    14 Days Prior to Staying

    Contracted Number of Guests


    Max. 8 persons

    100% 100% 100%


    9 ~ 59 persons

    100% 100% 100% 60% 30%

    60 or more persons

    100% 100% 100% 60% 50%


    • The percentages signify the rate of cancellation charge to the Basic Accommodation Charges.

    • When the number of days contracted is shortened, cancellation charges for its all days shall be paid by the Guest regardless of the number of days shortened.

    • On certain days specified by the Hostel, additional cancellation fee may be charged.

    • Cancellation charges will apply in case of reduce in number of beds/rooms, persons, or the days of the accommodation. These cancellation charges will apply to each room/bed which was booked by the Guest.


    In order for our Guests to enjoy the stay safely and comfortably at NARAMACHI HOSTEL & RESTAURANT, Rules on Utilization according to Article 11 of the General Conditions for Accommodation are set as follows.

    The Hostel is a Designated Nara City’s Cultural Property which is 160 years old.

    We sincerely ask for our Guests to understand and cooperate for the protection and preservation of this property.

    In a case of negligence or non-observance of the Rules on Utilization set herein, the Hostel may refuse the continued occupancy of the Guest Room or the use of other facilities by the Guest as per Article 7 of the General conditions for Accommodation.

    The Hostel shall not be liable or responsible for damage caused to any Guest or occupant of the Guest Room or to the Hostel when the said damage is caused by the Guest’s negligence of the Rules on Utilization stated herein.


    Please keep your cash, securities, jewelry or other valuables safe at your own risk.

    The Hostel shall neither be liable nor responsible for any loss or damage of any cash, securities, jewelry or other valuables.

    The Hostel will not keep art objects or antiques, etc.


    • Please make sure that the door of your room is locked when leaving the room.

    • Please be sure to lock the door while you are in your room.


    Please do not invite visitors into your room. For the safety and security of all of our Guests, we strictly prohibit the entry to our Hostel & Restaurant of those who come only to visit our Guests. The only people, who are allowed to enter and visit our Guests, are those who use our Restaurant.


    • All rooms are Non-Smoking.

      Please smoke only in the designated area.

      The Guest shall compensate the Hostel for all the damages caused by smoking in non-smoking area.

    • For Emergency Exit, please see instructions affixed on the inside of the Guest Room.

    • Please do not use the Guest Room as an office, private party, or for other activities without the permission of the Hostel.

    • Please do not alter the room furnishing, do not take out anything in the room, install any additional furniture or fixtures without the consent of the Hostel.


    • Please do not eat or drink things bought from outside at our Terrace. Only the food and drinks bought at our Restaurant are allowed at our Terrace.

    • You can use our Terrace from 6am to 9pm. We kindly ask for your cooperation to keep the noise down for our neighbors.


    • You can use our Jacuzzi from 12pm to 8pm.

    • 16-year-old customers need adult supervision.

    • When bathing and in public places, please wear swimsuit. Jacuzzi is not available for people being naked, infants or pre-school children wearing diapers or underwear.

    • When you change clothes, please use YOUR ROOM or SHOWER ROOM, or TOILETS of the Restaurant. Please wipe off all the water from your body. (Accommodation buildings are for Hostel Guests only!!)

    • Please use Jacuzzi on your own responsibility. And also please always have your valuables with you. If any trouble occurs, including accidents, injuries, diseases, lost or stolen items, we will take no responsibility for it.


    We will store items, which we have exceptionally accepted to store, for the following period unless otherwise stated.

    We will handle them thereafter according to the regulations.

    Storage Period ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・ 1 week

    We will handle lost or forgotten items according to the regulations.

    Please do not bring in or indulge in anything that may cause a disturbance to other guests of the Hostel such as listed below:

    • Dogs, cats, birds and other animals or pets. (Service dogs are not included.)

    • Explosive substances and inflammables, and substance to give out bad smell.

    • Any substances or articles whose possession is prohibited by the laws of Japan.

    • Conducting gambling or other acts which may be offensive to public order and morals in the premise of the Hostel.

    • Wearing pajamas or bathrobe in public areas outside your room.

    • Alteration or rearrangement of the Hostel furnishings or furniture and misuse of them.

    • Delivering advertising material or sale goods to the other guests in this Hostel.

    • Minors are not allowed to stay at this Hostel without the consent of their parents or guardians.

    • Not to order meals or drinks from outside the Hostel, or bring in food or beverage, unless authorized.

    Personal Data Collection Policy

    NARAMACHI HOSTEL & RESTAURANT (hereafter the "Company"), recognizes the importance of its Guests' trust and satisfaction. To this end, we believe that we have a responsibility to do our utmost to protect our Guests' personal information (address, name, email address, telephone number and other distinct personal data) that is stored on our files. The Company recognizes the importance of protecting our Guests' personal information and shall make its best efforts to protect it. We shall formulate personal information management system, and work on maintaining and continuously improving it.

    Collection of Personal Information

    When collecting personal information of our Guests, the Company shall specify the purpose of use and the collected information will be collected lawfully and to the extent necessary to conduct business activities.

    Purpose of Data Collection and Provision

    Unless otherwise agreed by the Guest to use it for other purposes or to provide it to a third party, the collected personal data will be used only for the purposes stated below:

    (Purposes of Use)

    • To provide services for accommodations, parties, weddings, and the use of our Bar and Restaurant, etc.

    • To conduct business activities and to provide information related to the services stated in the preceding article

    • To provide information and services of the Company

    • To improve the content and quality of the Company services stated in Article 1.

    • Other (note: uses to the extent clearly notified to and agreed with the Guest) (Person in Charge of Joint Usage of Personal Data) Chief Privacy Officer of the Company (Jointly Used Personal Information) name, phone number, e-mail address, home address, sex, birthday,

    Protection of Personal Information

    The Company shall strictly manage the collected personal information and implement all reasonable measures against unauthorized access, loss, destruction, tampering and leak.

    Legal Compliance

    The Company shall comply with laws, ordinances, etc. relating to personal information.

    Continuous Improvements of Personal Information Protection Management System

    The Company shall review the Personal Information Protection Management System as necessary and make continuous improvement.


    For inquiries regarding privacy/personal information collected by the Company, please contact:

    easygoing PLC Personal Information Consultation Office


    Suzumori Building 2F, Higashi-Nihonbashi 3-12-7, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0004



    Date of Initial Legislation: February 1st, 2016

    easygoing PLC President: Koichi Hamano