The concept of our Restaurant is “International Japanese”. Our Famous Chef in Japan will
provide new style of seasonal Japanese dishes with international flavor.
We also have a “Speakeasy”, a hidden bar inside a warehouse.
Here you get to enjoy our special cocktails served by the best bartender in the world!


6am - 9am (L/O)
The amount of our breakfast will fill you up and energize your day!
*We serve breakfast only to our Hostel Guests.
However, Customers, who are not our Hostel Guests, can also have our breakfast if they book it
by 10 pm the day before.


11am - 3pm (L/O)
Our lunch menu has variety of choices and they include seasonal small side dishes.
Enjoy our delicious & filling lunch♪


5pm - 11pm (L.O.10pm)
Our new style Japanese dinner dishes!!
Savor our superb dishes loved by many of our regular customers.


Our “Speakeasy” is a hidden bar inside a warehouse.
We have a 6-seat bar counter and a lounge upstairs, and we welcome one customer, a couple, and a group of customers such as for an afterparty.
We also have a Japanese Dinner Set which can be ordered from one person only by our Bar
Enjoy your blissful time at our Bar supervised by the best bartender in the world.


cafe : 11am - GOOD TIME
Specialty Coffee made of extract from finely selected coffee beans, Yamato-cha Green Tea and Yamato-kocha Black Tea, which are made in Nara, the ancient capital of Japan.
"KIMINO YUZU” soft drinks are only served at our place in Nara.
We also have a list of special wines made in Japan we proudly recommend.
Color your precious time here with our finely selected drinks.